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We will try our very best to produce high quality images for you however, there are

a few factors that can interfere.


Amniotic fluid - The more hydrated mum is, the higher the level of amniotic fluid around

your baby's face and this makes for beautiful, clear facial features. For best results,

remember to drink a minimum of 1.5-3 litres of water each day for the entire week leading

up to your appointment.


Fetal position - If your baby is facing towards mum's spine or has their face against the placenta, this can make it very difficult to see the facial features. To get your baby moving, we may ask you to roll on your side, stretch, take a walk, drink something really cold or eat something sweet.


If after all this, your baby is still shy, we will offer a complimentary reschedule to ensure you

are able to leave here with some beautiful keepsakes.

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