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Pelvic X-Ray

An X-Ray (Radiograph) is a particular image that uses radiation to create picture of bones and other internal tissues in your body.

Is there Preparation?

All basic X-Rays do not require any preparation. You will be asked to remove any metal objects like jewellery, watches, keys or coins as they will show up on the X-Ray and can effect the images. If required, a gown will be provided for you to wear instead of your own clothes, as some materials and prints will show up on the X-ray.

During the Exam

During the exam you will be asked to stand or lie down in different positions to allow for the best digital images of the body part being scanned. During the X-ray you will need to stay completely still while the images are being taken so they do not become blurry.

Are there Risks?

Having an X-Ray will expose your body to a very low level of radiation. Health experts have determined that X-Rays present minimal risk to your health and that this risk is out-weighed by the benefits of you having the required X-Ray.

NOTE: If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, tell your doctor and KDI staff before your procedure, as an X-Ray can potentially affect an unborn baby.

X-Ray Cost:

At Katherine Diagnostic Imaging we bulk bill most X-Ray scans to Medicare for anyone with valid Medicare card number. Our friendly staff will advise you of any relevant out-of-pocket costs when you book your appointment.

For anyone without Medicare, there will be an upfront out-of-pocket fee.

Your report and images will be sent electronically to your doctor over the next 24-48 hours after your appointment.

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