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Computed Tomography CT


Computed Tomography (CT) uses an x-ray machine with advanced computer programs to produce two and three dimensional images of your body, to detect and assist with the diagnosis of many conditions.

Is there Preparation?

If preparation is required you may

be asked to fast for four hours prior to your scan, be well hydrated, or have blood tests. One of our friendly staff will inform you of any specific preparations required for your CT scan when you make your appointment. 

During the Exam

You will lie on a long table during your scan that moves through a doughnut-shaped CT scanner. The CT scanner is not an enclosed tunnel and your head will remain outside of the machine for most examinations.

Are there Risks?

Having a CT scan exposes your body to some radiation. If you have any concerns you should speak with your referring doctor.

NOTE: If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, tell your doctor and KDI staff before your procedure, as radiation from the CT scan can potentially affect an unborn fetus.

CT Cost:

For most CT scans there is an up front gap fee of $220 for patients who hold a valid Medicare card. Our friendly staff will advise you of any relevant out-of-pocket costs when you book your appointment.

Please advise our receptionists if you are a pension or healthcare cardholder, and we will be able to advise you of all costs involved with your CT scan, including any out-of-pocket costs if relevant. See all accepted health concession cards here.

For anyone without Medicare, there will be an upfront out-of-pocket fee.

Your report and images will be sent electronically to your doctor over the next 24-48 hours after your appointment.

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